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Certified Pipe Welding Fabrications Bakersfield CA

MIG  -  TIG  -  Arc Welding

Valley Wide Construction Services is certified 31.1, 31.3 and 31.5 welding. We do MIG, TIG and Arc Welding with carbon steel and other alloys. We can do fabrications on-site or in our shop:

  • Pipe Spools
  • Manifolds
  • Structural Arbors
  • Supports and Vessels
  • Skid Units

  • Pipe Fabrication Projects - Bakersfield
    We have completed dozens of large-scale pipe and tube fabrication projects - for examples, check out our pipe fabrication gallery.

    Our industrial fabrication capabilities enable us to offer quick turn-around times - your project will not get sidetracked or have costly delays.

    Valley Wide Construction extends industrial pipe fabrication services throughout Southern California from our headquarters in Trona to: Bakersfield, Lancaster, Victorville, Mojave, Fresno, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and Long Beach.

    Industrial Fabrications - Southern Cal
    Industrial Pipe Welding Bakersfield CA
    Industrial Pipe Welding Bakersfield CA
    Industrial Pipe Welding Bakersfield CA
    Industrial Pipe Welding Bakersfield CA
    Industrial Pipe Welding Bakersfield CA
    Industrial Pipe Welding Bakersfield CA
    Pipe Fabrication - Bakersfield
    Construction Welding - Lancaster CA
    Pipe Welding Fabrication - Mojave CA
    Skid Fabrications - San Jose
    Pipe Fabrication - Fresno CA
    Pipe & Tube Fabrication - Long Beach

    Pipe Fabrication Gallery

    Industrial Pipe Fabrications & Welding Bakersfield CA


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    • Over 20 Years of Industry Experience
    • Over 50 Completed Major Projects
    • ASME Certified
    • OSHA Certified in California
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    Valley Wide Construction Services is a full service industrial construction and maintenance contractor serving Southern California. We have completed numerous large-scale industrial projects: large concrete foundations, structural steel fabrications and installations, plant shutdowns and outage management. With a 20,000 sq.ft. fabrication shop and a fleet of cranes, our goal is to complete your project in a safe and professional manner on time and on budget.